Shimmer with the Stars


Azalee Nelson

If decoration goes as planned, it will be hard to tell that this is the same place on the night of the Homecoming dance!

Azalee Nelson, Web Editor/Writer

Homecoming is less than a month away. 

The Homecoming dance is on September 29, 2018  @OFHS

 8PM – 11PM

Ms. Holt and the Student Government set up the food and entertainment for the dance. The theme is “Moonlight over Manhattan”. Every grade is able to attend. “It’s pretty much a big hit,” said Mrs. Holt.

Tickets go on sale September 17 @Both lunches

 $35 per ticket. Also required – this paperwork

Seniors are the only ones allowed to purchase tickets for the first few days. After that, everyone is allowed to buy their ticket during their lunch periods.