Before the graduation


Senior Amy Morle says she couldn’t be more ready for graduation.

                For seniors, this year is very special since it is their last year at Osceola. Many students are preparing for graduation, which is at Tropicana Field at 4:30 on May 23rd. Some students are sad about leaving their friends and going off to college, but others are excited to find out what is ahead of them. College is a whole new experience, with more freedom and responsibilities. Most students who want to go to college have filled out their application forms, and for the most part, the seniors have figured out if they have been accepted or declined. For students who are not going to college, they might have what they want to do instead all figured out. If they do not have what they are going to do after they graduate figured out, there is time to do so.


Q- What are you most excited for about graduation?

A- “Graduation itself, and the senior breakfast.” – Kaitlyn Henderson

     “To not ever have to step foot in this school again.” – Kalei Hunter

     “Walking the stage [at graduation].” – Sabtino Leone

Q- Where do you plan on going to college next year?

A- “SPC for two years.”- Kaitlyn Henderson

     “UCF”- Kalei Hunter

     “SPC”- Sabtino Leone

Q- What will you miss about Osceola?

A- “Ms. Nolan and a daily routine.”- Kaitlyn Henderson

     “My friends”- Kalei Hunter

     “Gym [with] Coach Smalley’s weight training.”- Sabtino Leon

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