Clubs that most students don’t know to join


Mr. Clay teaches history but he is also in charge of Key Club.

Johana Campas, staff writer

Since the school year is more than halfway over, students might think it’s too late to join a club.

Here are a few clubs to join before the school year is over.

Some clubs to join are spike ball club, culinary club and Key Club. Spike ball club is a active club to be a part of with friends and to just hang out. Spike ball club will begin after the wrestling season is over. Another club is Culinary club. Culinary club meets once a month on a Thursday. This club is a way to prepare and make food with friends, and if culinary class was full, culinary club is a good alternative.

Key Club is a way to hang out with friends and give back to the community. In Key Club, there are multiple opportunities for volunteer work and fundraising. These volunteer hours can be used for bright futures.

These are just a few clubs to join before the school year is over.