Staying safe in the library


The library takes extra precautions towards COVID-19.

Daniel Tepetate-Martinez, Guest Writer

 The Osceola Fundamental High School library is filled with thousands of books containing an infinite amount of knowledge and stories from fiction and nonfiction to research. 

The library offers a safe and quiet space for students to study, read a book, or even to spend some quality time with their friends. If a student needs more information on a certain subject, the library can help provide them with the resources they need in order to be successful.  The printing services are available at only 10 cents per page, making it affordable. With a numerous number of desktops provided, students have the ability to work on their homework, essay, or any projects. The library hours are structured in a flexible way that allows students to stop by in the morning, at lunch, and sometimes in the afternoon. 

The librarian, Mrs. Groshans, has been working at Osceola’s school library for several years. She witnessed students happily stop by the library to hang out with friends or get the help they need from tutors. But however, when the Covid outbreak started last year, the number of students that would regularly come to the library had begun to decrease. The reason for this occurrence was for the fear of catching Covid-19. Because of this, the library had started to become even quieter than it was before. 

This year, the fear has slowly diminished as Mrs. Groshans implemented safety regulations such as wearing a mask, providing hand sanitizer, as well as quarantining books that have been recently returned by students. In addition, keyboards and mouses are frequently wiped down after student activity to ensure the cleanliness of the devices. While the library continues to function, tutoring services are no longer available inside the library but instead after school hours. Since students do not have school IDs, a way they can check out a book is by having Mrs. Groshans search up their first and last name. While checking out the variety of books, students must remain at least six feet apart in order to follow the safety guidelines.