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Jonah’s dish that placed second.

Sydney Thompson, Staff Writer

       On February 6th of last year, sophomore Jonah Aboulafia was able to place second overall in the SKILLS regional competition in New Port Richey for Culinary Arts. This was a huge achievement especially because that was the highest an Osceola student has placed in the competition since Chef Long has been working at Osceola. The competition includes seven different categories that the contestants are judged on. These categories include sanitation, organization, written test, meat fabrication, knife cuts, cooking techniques, and plating. Because Jonah did so well at the competition he was invited to go to the SKILLS state conference in Pensacola last April. According to the reporter who did this story last year, Jonah has always had a passion for cooking ever since he was little. He stated “My family has inspired me so much, I would always cook with them and I really wanted to become more advanced at cooking, so I decided to join culinary”. Chef Long was also very proud of Jonah’s achievements.