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There were many designs released for the St. Pete Pier in 2015.

Miles Johnson, Staff Writer

   On February 10th in 2015, multiple designs for the St. Pete Pier were released. The Inverted Pyramid Pier was closed in 2013 and it took seven years for locals to get the great St. Pete landmark back. There were 7 designs released.  

    A stated in the “Pier designs released” story:  

   “The Prospect Pier is a platform that stands over the water, so that people may view the ocean. 

    Destination St. Pete Pier is a clear pyramid surrounded by a boardwalk with restaurants, & a beach. 

    The Pier Park is a park where visitors can hang out and enjoy the fresh air. 

    Blue Pier is a lagoon park, with beautiful landscape and many activities for the whole family. 

    ALMA is a tall, glass tower with a great ocean view. 

    Discover Bay Life consists of a park, pier, and the Marine Discovery Center. 

    The rePier is an urban-looking area, with a beach & boardwalk, where you can purchase snacks and enjoy a relaxing day in the shade. 

    The new 36-acre plot has every design except the Alma and the Destination St Pete pier designs. There are restaurants, a splash pad, a discovery center, trick shows, playgrounds and much more. Locals go to the pier for relaxation and for an enjoyable time with friends and family. There is live music and movie events. There is a Tilted Lawn and a pleasant beach spot. According to this website , “The hypnotically immersive “Bending Arc” — 76 feet at its highest point and 428 feet at its widest — required 84 miles of twine and more than a million knots.”