At home, alone; screen is routine


Delaney Wheeler

In 2015, before Covid shut down many on-campus activities, teachers and students attended the Shakespeare Festival in spring, where sonnets were read aloud.

Isabella Saraiva, Guest Writer

At Home

Being at home all month, all week, all day.

Boredom is the most common felt feeling.

Can make it convenient to stray away.

Counting sheep and staring at the ceiling

Absence of the world is agonizing.

When the hours being to make you break

The only left is to organize.

The lack of fresh air becomes a headache.

When your motivation starts to descend

You slack off because it becomes routine.

The hours on the computer all blend

Everlasting stare at a device screen

Scarcity of human communication

Too easily losing concentration


sonnet by Isabella Saraiva