Seniors say goodbye; others study before summer


Molly Jager

The student parking lot has plenty of room Monday during 4th period as seniors wrap up their year in preparation for graduation.

Molly Jager

        With the school year coming to an end, students are coming to school less and less. Parking lots and classrooms are becoming more vacant as students and staff count down the days until summer break. 

        Senior exam week concluded May 28th, causing many graduating students’ summer break to start early. Many seniors considered their last day of school to be Friday, May 21st. If seniors didn’t have any exams this past week, they are out of Osceola and out of class!

         As for the rest of the grade levels, exams officially start Friday, June 4th. Exam exemption forms were given out on Thursday, May 27th and are due by Tuesday, June 1st. Depending on what students are exempting, some might consider their last day to be June 3rd!


With exams starting Friday, the exam schedule is the following:

Friday, June 4th: 1st and 2nd period exams

Monday, June 7th: 3rd and 4th period exams

Tuesday, June 8th: 5th and 6th period exams

Wednesday, June 9th: 7th period exam/early release