Students enjoy the fall season


Justine Zitman

Bookkeeping is decorated for the fall season.

Joe Ligrani, Writer

With October now here, students are beginning to take part in fall activities. However, with Florida still having highs in the upper 80s, it can be difficult to enjoy some festivities. One event students have ahead of them is Homecoming and not any longer than a week later is Halloween.

This year students have many plans for the upcoming events. Some of these plans include going to Universal and Busch Gardens for their infamous haunted houses. “Going to haunted houses has almost turned into a tradition for me,” said Leah Vricos. “I prefer Bush Gardens houses over Halloween Horror Nights because it’s a little less intense.” Aside from going to haunted houses, students also partake in pumpkin patches and corn mazes. “If you go more towards central Florida, there is a lot more fall related activities,” said Jordan Sanchez.

“I enjoy it. You get a better sense of the fall season when you’re in the country,” said Jordan.  One pumpkin patch close to school is at 102nd avenue and Seminole boulevard. The one other event coming up is this year’s fall Homecoming. Homecoming this year is on the 22nd of October. Tickets will be $35 and can be purchased at both lunches. Students can also start preparing now for Homecoming week which will begin on October 17 th . The theme for each day can be found here.