Summer fun is around the corner


Ela Bruno

A beachy blue sky over ocean waves.

Ela Bruno, Guest Writer

With summer just a few weeks away, Warriors have begun to plan out their summer. Many going on vacation, playing sports, or even just hanging out around the house. Warrior Kennedy Clark says, “I plan on relaxing and hanging out with my friends, my family and I are also going on a weekend getaway to Georgia”. Traveling away from home is a common summer activity throughout the Warrior tribe. “Me and my family are going to the Outer Banks and Massachusetts as well” says Emilia Vadnais. Although going out of town for vacation is exciting, a large number of Warriors are not going anywhere for summer. Leilani Sanchez says, “I’m not going anywhere for summer; I plan on hanging out with my friends and family as much as I can”.  Leilani is also planning to reach a big milestone this summer. “I am also getting my driver’s license over the summer”. One junior is also planning to stay close to home. “I plan on going on the boat a bunch with my friends and also work a lot”. Warrior students aren’t the only ones who have plans over the summer. Warrior teachers have also started planning out their summer. Mrs. Lennon says, “In June I’m planning to go to Morocco with my husband”. Overall, many

warriors are looking forward to their summer vacation.