Photography students’ work displayed at the Dali


Justine Zitman

Photography student Jamie Turnbull earned her place at the Dali.

Cody Hausdorf, Writer

Photography teacher Ms.  Quimby gave photography students the opportunity to express their talent and creativity on the topic of “surreal identity”. According to My Modern Met surreal identity includes “dreamlike images.” Some students who displayed outstanding photographs that pertained to the topic of surreal identity were recognized as their photos were displayed at the Dali museum during a show.

Jamie Turnbull, 12th grade, was one of the students who earned her photograph a place in the show. “My picture was of an old man sitting in chair with a bunch of hands grabbing him,” said Jamie. The name of her piece is “in touch.” “Since surreal identity pieces are meant to have a theme and tell a story, I was trying to convey the idea that pasty influences have a strong effect on today’s generation.” 

“I really wasn’t expecting to have my piece selected to be displayed, it was just another project assigned by Mr. Locascio. But I give my best effort in photography because I love the outcomes, this one just earned me more positive recognition than usual and I’m very happy about that,” said Jamie.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Ms. Quimby, creative photography teacher,  would certainly agree with that statement as she said, “The students were able to choose any story they would like to express through their photo. The surreal identity theme allowed for students to understand that they can tell a story, visually without using any words.”

This weekend is your last chance to see this artwork at the Dali.  See dates here.