Three healthy ways to lose weight


The CDC's weight loss tips might come in handy.

Logan Ferrell, staff writer

Happy 2020! 

For some people, the new year is about new goals.  And that might mean losing a few LBS! Here are some healthy ways for students to lose extra pounds.

1: Exercise: Exercise is different for everyone, but to stay healthy and lose weight the Centers for Disease Control, “Start off with 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity such as swimming and running/jogging”. The CDC then states to eventually work your way up to 150 minutes.

2: Eat Better:  The CDC says to eat a very balanced diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein, and oils. Hhere is that diet the CDC recommends.

3: Join school health clubs: students can now lose weight at school! The school has many clubs dedicated to students health and fitness such as Hiking/backpacking club and Medical Education organization.