The perfect balance


Osceola students work their hardest to avoid being overwhelmed.

Courtney Sipos, Staff Writer

Participating in sports while going to school can be very hard for students to balance. Doing sports can take up a lot of time and focus, and doing all of this while studying can be very difficult.

According to Florida National University, “At the end of the day, athletics is an extracurricular activity, and even the most passionate and excellent player is not guaranteed an athletic career after graduation.”

So, how do students balance all these activities? Johana Campus, 10th grade, said, “The way I juggle school and dance is to try and get as much work done as possible in class. Also, when I get home, I immediately start all my homework for the week.”

Some students must balance school, work, sports, and free time which can be even harder. Mackenzie Cruickshank, 12th grade, said, “It’s very hard to balance school and sports, because I also have to work so it can be hard.  I make time for school and I make sure I stay on top of my assignments.”