Cloud City hovers above NYC

Margaret Hynes, Staff Writer


                “We’re generating new architectural concepts as we speak. I have my best team working on the high-tech designs right now, producing and polishing some pretty cool stuff,” explains Richard Richie, chief of staff at WEIRD BUILDINGS INCORPORATED.

                According to Richard Richie, his team at WBI will be creating an exact replica of Cloud City from Star Wars.

                “It will be hovering in the exact same suspended anti-gravity pod from the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back film above New York City,” says Richard Richie. “We’re working on the anti-gravity models now.”

                Cloud City-NYC, as it will be called, will float high above the skyscrapers of New York.

                “People will have to take a Star Wars themed plane – the NYC Millennium Falcon – which we are also working on here at WBI, to get to the city. It’s a real life Star Wars movie!” says Richard Richie.


This is a satire based on the following article: