On this day…


April of 2017, seniors marched down the hall in their caps and gowns.

Sydney Thompson, Staff Writer





On April 26th of 2017, seniors were able to participate in the march around campus in their caps and gowns. This has been a tradition since 2009/2010. The walk took place during 7th period, and it was a way for seniors to think about all the memories they had created here at Osceola over the last four years. Not only was it beneficial for the seniors, but it was also inspirational to the underclassman to see their fellow students or friends wearing their graduation gowns and cords showing all they have accomplished.

Former assistant principal Mrs. Ouellet said, “I think it’s important that the seniors march because it helps to instill in the underclassmen to keep working hard, because this is what you get in the end, and it’s a great feeling. You get to celebrate.” It gave them something to look forward to, especially the ones struggling, and see that it is achievable. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 virus, last year seniors were not able to participate.