Osceola plays resume


Loren Lijewski, Guest Writer


For the first time in three years, the Osceola Fundamental High School thespians are producing an on-stage show. The show, Midsummer Jersey, is a parody of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, focusing on the love story of four teenagers, a quarrel between Faries and the marriage of the governor and his soon to be wife. “Tech Week” is the formal name that the week before the show goes by, though many thespians call it a myriad of nicknames due to the late school days and long work hours. One student who is assigned to publicity, Allegra Durst, said, “It’s not that stressful for me. I’m in publicity and we usually get to leave earlier, which is honestly really nice so I can do homework. The others, however, have to stay. It is really cool coming the next day to see what they have done without us.” Another student, Nolan Mogelgaard, said, “There isn’t a lot to do in props, considering we already have gotten most of the work done. Now it is just making sure they don’t go missing and they stay as new as possible.” Many technical departments are ecstatic  about the production they are putting on and really take pride in what they’re doing. Many crews, however, are just beginning to produce work. Lights are just getting their cues, makeup is just getting to practice and set designing is just beginning to piece together the set of their dreams. Other departments, however, have been planning their work since the beginning and are confident in their abilities. “I think we will definitely be done with the hallway and I’m trying to make a “which character are you?” quiz, but I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to get it done. It’s hard to narrow down all the questions, and it’ll be good publicity.” Allegra adds. Because of such publicity, many Osceola students are anticipating the arrival of the production. It’s a huge deal to start off the theatrical season off with the right play to advertise for future performances. Also, the fall play acts as a fundraiser for the spring musical in order to get enough money for all the costs that go into a single production. Senior Lauren Brady, said, “I’m really excited because I haven’t gotten so see one for the past couple of years. It is like a new adventure to see what it will be like now. I could not be more excited.” She plans to take a few of her friends with her on November 4th, the opening day of the show. All of Mr. Pace’s students and staff get free tickets, but otherwise the price of a ticket is five dollars. In the end, however, it is tech crew that really makes a show whole. Many students find home in those long after-school hours, Ayaa Mouzahem, a first-year student in costume designing, said, “It’s been a little crazy, but being in crew this week really was fun ad I enjoyed every second.”