The difference between flag and tackle football


Osceola flag football player Taylor Salgado, practices her catching skills on the practice field last week.

Gavin Kane, staff writer

        As spring sports get underway, it’s important to know that flag and tackle football have more differences besides just the tackling rule.

        Osceola flag football player Taylor Salgado, 10th grade, said, “In flag football, we have seven players on a field at a time instead of the normal eleven like tackle football.” Taylor said that the positions between tackle and flag football are pretty similar, it’s just that they are spread out more. Taylor also pointed out the difference in field size, “The fields for flag football are only eighty yards long. For tackle football, the fields are longer.” Tackle football fields are one-hundred yards long plus the two end zones.

        Also, in flag football, Taylor said, “You can’t push another player or pick up the football once it has touched the ground. In tackle football, you can be very physical against your opponent. You can push him and pull him to the ground, which could cause a fumble and you could then pick the ball up off the ground and continue the play.”

        Tackle and flag football have many similarities, but are played in completely different ways.