Snore No More takes a rest


Jenna Van De Mar

Snore No More coffee cart in action in November, 2013.

Chloe Cors, Guest Writer

     There have been many activities and options at school that have been shut down and affected by COVID. From basketball and volleyball being cut short, to after-school clubs being moved online via Microsoft teams, there have been many questions about other features that students do not want to lose. Snore no More is an element of this school that many Warriors love. It is where the variance exceptionality students would learn new life skills, and every morning, they would set up a coffee cart in the cafeteria, where anyone can come and get a hot coffee, iced coffee, or hot chocolate. The price ranged from $0.50-$1.50 depending on what you ordered.

      The teacher that runs this is Mrs. Salmon, and she stated, “Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to open up Snore no More this year because of COVID, but

“we are hopeful that next year we will be able to be up and running again.”

— Mrs. Salmon

” Many students have noted their optimism towards Snore no More coming back next year, but for now they have expressed why they love it so much, as well as what their alternate source of caffeine is to get through the school day. English and Journalism teacher Mrs. DeAtley stated during her first period, “I miss it because it is a unique feature of our school. It is a perk, no pun intended.” Harrison Lathrop, a student in Ms. DeAtley’s first period class, said, “I miss Snore no More because I miss seeing my ‘best buddies’ that worked it. Now because of COVID, it has been harder to be able to interact with the kids because I don’t see them as much anymore.”

      In Mr. Tateishi’s AP Research class, 5/10 students stated that they miss Snore no More. Of these students, Emma Zuercher said she loved Snore no More because “it woke me up and gave me something to look forward to. My alternate source now is Dunkin because there is one on my way to school.” Yasmin Karazoun said, “It was an opportunity to get out of class, and the coffee was good. I liked to interact with the ESE kids as well. My alternate source of caffeine before school this year is Starbucks.” In Mrs. Colton’s 4th period class, 9/24 people noted that they missed Snore no More. Of those people, Maddy Gomes said, “I do not like coffee, but I miss Snore no More’s hot chocolate during the winter months. My current alternate source of morning drink is from Starbucks or Dunkin because they are both on my way to school.”

      As you can see, all of these students are saddened that Snore no More in in a dead period, and they miss almost every aspect of it including he kids they get to interact with, the variety of drinks, the amazing taste, and even being able to get out of class to get it!