Time to vote, Warriors!


Lauren Callahan

Drawing by Lauren Callahan.

Lily Watts, Guest Writer


The 2020 United States Presidential Election takes place on NOVEMBER 3 RD. Florida’s deadline to register is OCTOBER 5 TH. Voting is by far the most important exercise a person can do as a responsible citizen of a democratic nation. Voting helps us choose able leaders who have qualities that can be beneficial for the growth of the country and is a primary way for the common citizen to participate in government.

If you’ll be 18 by the election, you can request a ballot here. Registering to vote is so simple and so fast.

Even if you are not 18, you can still pre-register to vote following the same process. All you need to do is visit your local DMV, tax collector’s office, library, or post office, and tell them what party you affiliate with. And just like that, you are registered.

MISCONCEPTION: People who do not vote in person, do not deserve to vote at all.
FACT: Nobody should have to decide between their safety and participating in democracy.
FACT: Working people, caregivers, and elderly people often do not have the time or means to vote in person.
FACT: Voting by mail is safe, easy, and secure. Your community depends on you- voting is an opportunity for change! If you are not old enough to participate in the election yet, you can still do a lot of good for your community. For example, if you know people who are elegible, talk to them and encourage ALL of them to get out and vote. The younger generations always bring about change. This is our future, so we may as well start it now. If you ARE old enough to vote, this year’s election goes beyond who will be president. Your vote is your voice on issues affecting housing, education, employment and healthcare. NOT voting is giving up your voice. Make sure yours is heard.

Every.Vote. Counts.