The choice is yours


Miles Johnson and Gabby Davis show their different learning styles.

Gabby Davis and Miles Johnson


With the option of doing virtual school or going back in-person, there’s a lot to think about. There are pros and cons that come with each choice. After a few weeks of reflection, Miles Johnson, 9th grade, and Gabby Davis, 11th grade, share their opinions on their decision.

Miles, who chose to go back to in-person, said, “Everyone going back to school knew this year would be tough. Simultaneous teaching, masks, and social distancing make up a confusing day in class. With in-class and online students, teachers have to keep an eye on everyone. One thing that is always against teachers and students is technical difficulties. Teams, assignments, and Canvas seem to always be against us. Masks are mandatory and sometimes a burden. Mask breaks were promised but most students are not experiencing this. Social distancing has multiple variations of plexiglass in the middle of tables, signs, and spaced out desks. I enjoy the face-to-face perspective because I get to interact with my peers. I can better understand my teachers and keep track of my assignments better. While the commute to school is different from online learners, in-class is definitely the better choice.  Everyone is still adjusting to the new changes, but we’ll adapt soon.”


Gabby chose to to stick with online and said, “I chose the at-home route. With staying at home, I have found it can be very distracting with my TV right in front of me and my phone always in my hand.  From getting up in the morning to getting in contact with my teachers to make assignments run smoothly, it’s tough. Figuring out how to use the Canvas platform and dealing with technical issues while trying to keep on track is incredibly difficult.  With that being said, at-home learning is much safer and much more relaxed than face-to-face than other kids may realize. Working at a self directed pace in the comfort of my own bed is pretty ideal for me. Most of the kids that I talk to throughout the day who are at school complain about being there, and it’s a relief to me that I’m not in their shoes. I don’t have to get up earlier in the mornings to get ready. I just roll over and turn my computer on.”