Top 10 Osceola events


Emma Rumpf

Maintance problems were some of the most unusual occurences that took place at Osceola this year

Jason Zappulla, Writer

With May almost over, the 2015-2016 school year has come and gone. For some, this was the longest year of their lives. For others, it was the shortest. Regardless, there has been no shortage of odd, weird, or just out-of-the-ordinary occurrences at Osceola. Here is the top 10 Unusual Osceola events this year.

  1. The rainy day schedule

This year, a new procedure was adopted for portable classes during rainy days. Instead of all portable classes moving to the auditorium, portable classes move inside to various classrooms throughout the school. Like this Osceola article shows, this caused a bit of confusion at first.

  1. Pep Rally

Warriors got fired up this year for a Pep Rally in October, in preparation for the Homecoming game. There was lots of cheering and screaming as students got their school spirit on. For more info, check out this Warrior Record story.

  1. Door-decorating contest

Students and teachers got creative during this year’s door-decorating contest. As we covered in the Warrior Record last October, many doors used college mascots or colors, but some were more unique, such as Mr. Robinson’s sports and kangaroo door.

  1. Rocket launches

Students saw some strange sights in the sky this year. First, in September, the launch of an Atlas V rocket by the United Launch Alliance led to some confusion in the area, as several students took snapshots of the odd, luminous smoke in the sky. Then, about a month later, another rocket launch created a similarly unusual sight, as creating a stunning smoke shape in the sky that caused some to believe something blew up.

  1. Super blood moon

Two astrological phenomena combined to create a fascinating sight in the sky. According to the Warrior Record’s story on this from October, this occurs when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, while a lunar eclipse where the moon is in the Earth’s shadow occurs at the same time. The last super blood moon was in 1982, and the next super blood moon won’t be until 2033.

  1. Newspaper rap battle

Yes, you read that right. It’s not all work in Osceola’s Newspaper class. In February, the newspaper took a week off for fun and games. Activities included toilet paper mummy wrapping, a rap battle, and general tomfoolery.

  1. Homecoming spirit week

Warriors had some fun dressing up during this year’s Homecoming spirit week. As the Warrior Record reported, students dressed as babies, kids, adults, and elderly people during Time Travel Tuesday; put on costumes of their favorite characters on Character Day; and showed off college pride during College Prep Day.

  1. Shakespeare Festival

On April 23, the National English Honor Society organized a celebration of the life of the Bard, William Shakespeare. The Warrior Record covered the event, which included pool noddle jousting, wheel of fortune, and insult buttons.

  1. Water leaks

It appears Osceola has sprung a leak this year. Back in August, the Warrior Record reported that water came into the halls, front office, and Ms. Iovino’s room (among other places) during a rainy day.

However, the leaks were just the tip of the iceberg, leading up to the oddest event of the school year…

  1. Warriors battle breakdown

The school was faced with a myriad of maintenance problems this year. As covered in both the October 2015 edition of the Warrior Record newspaper and a follow-up online story, the school faced issues such as the fire alarm not going off in some portables and classrooms and leaky walls (as discussed earlier). However, the administration made repairs and problems were cleared up.

This year certainly had its fair of odd events, both good and bad. We had our ups and downs, but in the end, we made it through. More unusual events are sure to occur next year.