Students cope with stress by shopping, socializing


One of the many ways students cope with stress is by going to the gym.

Rozlynn McNally, Staff Writer

These times are very stressful due to the pandemic and school starting.

Some people cope with their stress in different ways, and everyone has something that calms them down in stressful situations. Some students like exercise to calm them down. Courtney Sipos, 10th grade, said, “I love to go on runs. They really calm me down and make my stress go away.”

Other students like social interaction to calm them down. Alex Goudy, 11th grade said, “What helps me with stress is hanging out with friends, shopping, and spending money.”

Other students like the interactions with teachers during these times. Claire Hannigan, 10th grade, said, “Something that helps me with stress is the reassurance of my teachers and how calm and reasonable they are being through all of this chaos.”